Dr. Sigler Research

Dr. Sigler has three major research interests. They include student mentoring programs and how to increase students' positive youth behaviors, school district teacher and administrator mentoring programs, and instructional strategies designed to increase students' classroom grades and standardized test scores. Also, he has a passion for technology and enjoys teaching students how to use it.

Below are some examples of research that Dr. Sigler has conducted regarding some of these topics.

Sigler, D. (2019). The impact of student mentoring programs on student achievement. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY. (click here) (E-Book Link)

This doctoral dissertation analyzed the impact that an urban high school's student mentoring program had on junior students' standardized test scores.

Sigler, D. (2018). A historical overview of transformational leadership. (Unpublished manuscript). University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY. (click here) (E-Book Link)

This study breaks down the transformational leadership style of leadership along with a thorough historical analysis. It also puts this leadership style into context for teachers and administrators in today's schools.

Sigler, D. (2018). Problems with school funding in Alabama. (Unpublished manuscript). University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY. (click here)

This study analyzes how the state of Alabama currently funds its public school system, details the problems that occur when using such a system to fund public schools, and details the ramifications for students and faculty in Alabama's public schools.

Sigler, D. (2016). 11th grade ACT reading scores and intervention strategies. (Unpublished research proposal). Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL. (click here) (E-Book Link)

This research proposal examines the ACT reading scores of juniors at a large, urban high school and proposes intervention strategies to improve those scores.

Sigler, D. (2013). Exit exams and remediational strategies. (Unpublished educational specialist thesis). Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL. (click here)

This educational specialist thesis compared the learning progress of students with contrasting teaching styles: traditional teaching methods versus teaching heavily with technology.

Sigler, D. (2007). The benefits of cooperative learning. (Unpublished manuscript). University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL. (click here)

This study evaluates the benefits students can expect when participating in cooperative learning environments within the classroom.