Technology Competition Information

For students that are interested in creating a project for technology competition, here is a list of the categories you can compete in.  Projects must be completed by the time we get out of school for Christmas Break.  If you have any questions, come by my room and ask. 


Scratch (FREE) (here)


Audio Production

Garageband (Iphone or Ipad) 

Anchor (chromebook) (here)

Computer Programming

Digital Art

Google Drawing (FREE)

Vector drawing link here

Digital Game Design

Scratch (FREE)

Hardware Modification

Multimedia Applications

Google Slides (FREE)


Nearpod (Clever)

Many others also...

Multi-Dimensional Design

(This is 3-D printing.  Most students will not be able to participate in this one unless they have access to a 3-D printer)

Productivity Design

Google Drawings, Docs, or other products (FREE) - Hyperdoc

StoryboardThat! - Posters (Clever)

Book Creator (Clever)

Many others also...


This is another category that we will most likely not be able to provide at the middle school.  If the students have a robotics kit at home, they are welcome to compete in this category.  A good example would be LEGO or K’Nex robotics kits.

Video Production


Stop Motion Animation (here)

Website Design (FREE)

Google Sites (FREE)